10 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Utility Billing Services


It’s very common for properties or owners to feel hesitant about upgrading their utility billing services. Major upgrades take time and can be an adjustment for your community. Therefore, it’s important to understand when it’s right to take the next step. There are likely many areas of improvement that are showing you it’s time to upgrade your utility services. If you’re encountering many issues and also facing time management concerns then review the following and look to upgrade in the near future. 

1 – Lack of Integrations 

If you’re using utility software or struggling with integrations, it’s time to look at other options. Your utility billing provider should offer a wide variety of services as well as integrations. You should also look for a company that can customize its services to meet your needs. Discover better software solutions today! 

2 – Brief Reporting 

You need the most detailed reporting options in order for your property to succeed! Reports shouldn’t be a pain point, but something that helps you to be more successful. The right reporting includes pre-billing reports, summary reports, and regional cost comparisons, and beyond. 

3 – Lack of Special Services 

Your utility billing service company should be catered to your property and ownership needs. It’s crucial to work with a team that can specialize their services to your needs. Through various options and packages, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

4 – Convenient Bill Generation 

Reduce administration costs that come with bill generation! Upgrading your utility services means that you can experience increased efficiency and on-time billing. With customized billing and convergent billing services, you can simplify and combine your tasks. With more time on your hands, you can devote your efforts to what matters most.

5 – Bad Customer Support 

There is nothing worse than feeling like your property is not going to be supported and well taken care of. You deserve to have a full support team that can help you with any issue that may arise. Utility Billing West provides the customer service that you wish other people would offer! 

6 – Easy Bill Pay 

The right bill pay will make your life so much easier! You need bill pay that is streamlined and can alleviate hours of work from your team. With convenient bill pay, your ongoing payments will be set up in the most efficient way. With more time on your hands, you can dedicate your efforts to other tasks that will help grow your property! 

7 – Lack of RUBS Billing Options

RUBS (ratio utility billing system) is likely the best choice for your property. In order to succeed, you need to ensure that you’re partnered with a utility management company that can provide you and your residents with RUBS. It will make your property more efficient, while also saving energy and increasing your ROI.

8 – Confusing Invoices 

Unorganized and confusing invoices can be an extreme downfall for many properties and owners. You shouldn’t have to spend time sifting through a bunch of invoices and feel confused about what to pay and when to pay it. Working with the right utility billing services will help you save time and also help you avoid a lot of mishaps down the road. 

9 – Lack of Communication 

You deserve to feel assured that your utility billing company will provide you with excellent communication! The best feeling is when you know that you will be backed up 24/7 by a company that always has your best interest in mind. 

10 – No Customization 

Utility billing and management are not the same for everyone. Therefore, it’s evident that each property, owner, and vision requires different services. So it’s first important to partner with a company that can help you reduce your monthly operating costs and raise your property value substantially. From there, you can look to customize your billing services to exactly what you need.

It’s time to upgrade your utility billing services!