Bill Pay

Bill Pay by Utility Billing West, makes life better. With a refined streamline of multifamily billing services, our program simplifies tasks for every party involved. It’s no secret that it takes properties a lot of time to pay utilities each month, and it’s understandably challenging to handle tenant issues, employee issues, as well as ongoing payments. The entire goal of the Bill Pay program is to take hours and hours off of site teams while ensuring that every single bill gets paid each month. Bill Pay by Utility Billing West takes the stress out of your hands and brings you a convenient way to accomplish everything you need.

What does Bill Pay include?

  1. Utility Account Transfer At Purchase

    UBW handles the site transfers and set-up of the various utility accounts. With your assistance, we gather the information needed and then transfer that to the utility provider. Our priority is removing all of the hard work from your end and making sure they’re moved on the date of sale.

  2. Guaranteed No Late Fees/Penalties

    With our Bill Pay Program, we offer a no late fee and no penalty guarantee. We streamline the process to ensure that there are never any fees for late/nonpayment. Our priority is always to make our client’s life easier on a day-to-day basis.

  3. Utility Log

    We offer a utility log that tracks utility expense, usage, and usage dates for all account numbers. At any point, you can download a utility log from our website. From easy access to better functionality, our Bill Pay program brings convenience to your fingertips.

  4. Utility Invoice Supply

    To make the bill retrieval as easy as possible, we have several options to receive invoices for all items paid. Together, we’ll establish the best solution for you. These options include supplying a copy of each invoice linked to a payable when we request the payable, providing all invoices simultaneously on our site, and beyond. We give the invoice into any platform and method that is best for your set-up.

  5. Usage & Expense Tracker

    The usage tracker enables teams to see their usage year over year and forecast when expenses will increase or decrease. The expense tracker is drilled down per invoice. This process helps a site determine if they have a leak and exactly where that leak may be. With our tracking reports, you can either layer YOY or just review a single year. You can see your highest consumption meters to attempt to keep their usage down.

  6. VUR (Vacant Utility Recovery) Automation

    With our bill pay program, we automatically audit all VUR bills paid, and if there are lapsing services, we apply those fees to that resident’s accounts. The specific site should monitor all vacant bills paid but cannot guarantee that these fees are properly audited and cannot ensure that they are billed back and applied to the resident’s ledgers. This process aims to get the residents to put the bills in their names as quickly as possible. We want them to notice these fees so that the owner does not have to cover their expenses month over month. The penalties and the fees are both automatically imported with the utilities. Through this process, fees are adequately accounted for, and that you are not billed property to the resident’s ledgers in the month they are due.

  7. ACH Payments

    The utility payments are now going to be billed with ACH withdrawals. This process is handled by our banking partner Commerce Bank. Once the mgmt approves the payment, we will withdraw funds 24 hours later, and our partner will then send all payments out. This method helps cut down on checks cut by accounting departments and expedite the payment process. Following this process cuts days out of the payment process and get each invoice paid 3-7 days faster.

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