What To Know About The Average Cost of Utilities For Residents


The cost of utilities can be a complete curveball for residents. Trying to wrack your brain near the end of the month is difficult. The number of how many hot showers you took, how many accidental lights were left on, how much air conditioning you use, and more. For those on a tight budget, utilities can be the difference between eating dinner out with friends or staying home. Utility payments can make or break us as they fluctuate throughout different months. Overall, utilities can genuinely be a guess at times and really affect our overall budget

The Highest Utility Bill

Looking at some averages, the electrical bill is usually going to be the highest. With it being the most expensive, it’s something to take note of. On average, 41% of this energy is used on space heating and cooling. Another 35% is used on appliances, lighting, and electronics. Significant factors that come into play with an electric bill are the state you live in, how many rooms you have, and how many electronics/appliances. The average electric bill is around $90 across the nation for apartments; however, by just adding one room, this goes up by another $45, and so on with adding more rooms. A big key in saving money is air conditioning. Not using air conditioning can put money directly back into your pocket. 

State By State Average Utilities

Some of the states with low average apartment utilities costs are Utah, California, Washington, and Oregon. These states are low because of the low need to use gas in the house. There isn’t much heating needed throughout the winter in many parts of this state. This low usage causes gas bills to plummet. For example, the average apartment utilities in Utah are set around $290. On the other hand, for utilities in states like West Virginia, the average is about $390. Overall, most states will also be similar to West Virginia, and you should expect somewhere within $380-$450 in utilities. Again, depending on the apartment size, the number of rooms, and the state that the apartment resides in could all affect the price of utilities. 

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