5 Smart Ways To Conserve Your Apartment Utilities


One of the challenges and questions of apartment living is the unknown cost of utilities. The reality is, that utilities vary so much depending on where you live. At some places, they include utilities in the overall rent cost. For this reason, it becomes a general and necessary question to ask before you find somewhere to live. It usually is set up in a way where you have to pay your rent, and then the utilities are additional on top of that. Regardless of the overall cost of your utilities, the chances are that most people are looking for a way that they can conserve. With the cost of rent rising in many different states, finding a way to save on your cost of living can be essential. Plus, with a few simple changes, you can save a lot! 

1 – Turn Off Vampire Electronics 

One of the biggest wastes of utilities is keeping devices plugged in that don’t need to be. As you leave for the day, ensure that everything is unplugged. These “vampire” electronics are energy suckers. Make it a part of your daily routine to unplug everything. Your wallet will thank you later! 

2 – Air Dry Your Clothes 

Skip the dryer next time! Dryers are known for utilizing a ton of energy. They might be responsible for a large portion of your bill. There is a massive benefit for your environment and your budget when you choose to air dry your clothes. Don’t worry; you don’t have to have your clothes all over your apartment! Invest in an air-drying rack, and you’ll have one of the best solutions there is. 

3 – Use Cold Cycles 

Hot water uses a ton of energy to produce. If you’re constantly using hot water for everything, it could be potentially running up your utilities. Consider switching to cold water for your showers here or there, but mainly while using your washer and sink. Making this minor adjustment will be a huge proponent to saving more energy. 

4 – Get Some Fresh Air 

Everyone knows that keeping your apartment hot or cool is what makes up most of your utilities. In the summer, it can be our instinct to kick on the A/C as much we can. However, if you aren’t cautious, this may massively increase your bill! Don’t be afraid to open up your windows and let some fresh air into your apartment. 

5 – Use Alternate Lighting 

Perhaps it’s your lights that are draining your utilities and your wallet! Remember to establish the habit of always turning the lights off when you don’t need them. You may also look into different solutions such as eco-friendly lightbulbs, using more lamps, or letting the natural light in your apartment. 

Start conserving apartment utilities now!

Not only will each of these solutions help you to save money, but they’re also largely beneficial for our planet. While it may not seem like much we can do to take care of mother earth, this is a small step with a significant impact. The more that we are cautious of the energy we are putting back into the world, we can enhance our lives and communities. If you’re a property that’s looking to attract more renters, you will want to consider how you can go greener. Let’s work together to help your budget and the beautiful world that we live in!