3 Property Management Hacks That Will Save You Money And Time


The truth is, you’re in need of property management hacks. As a property manager, your time and resources have to be utilized in the best possible way. With so much to do and not the time to do absolutely everything, you have to find ways that you can simplify your work. There are a few simple project management hacks that will give you the opportunity to make up what is lost! This industry is all about bettering your process in a way that will also allow you to save time and money. The reality is that if you develop better systems so that you’re better structured you can increase your income. As the old saying goes, time is money, and with these simple hacks, you can take your process to the next level. 

Property Management Hacks

1 – Convergent Billing 

 One project management hack that will help to save time and eliminate unnecessary tasks out of your system is convergent billing. Convergent billing allows you to combine your billing to-do’s and compile them together into one single list. This concept generates all of your billing into one process. Rather than having everything separated, you can mesh rents, parking, and more. It allows you to get everything that you need to do in one rather than having a large to-do list. This is an absolute must as it will save you time and money! 

2 – Ask For Support 

It’s no secret that having more hands in your process will allow you to have more time and to delegate appropriately. Having the right team behind you to answer your questions as well as your tenant’s questions is crucial. You’re not going to be able to accomplish everything that you want to, and with the right team behind you, you can do so much more. It’s easy to take on too much, and setting up a seamless support process is definitely worth it. 

3 – Leverage RUBS Billing 

RUBS has so many benefits that are all brilliant property management hacks. Ratio utility billing systems (RUBS) allow you to delegate the utilities. Doing it this way can make you more money and saves you time. With this process, your tenants become more clear on how much they’re using. this awareness conserves your resources in the long run. If you have yet to implement RUBS, you’re going to want to get it started as soon as you can. This project management hack is a no-brainer because it is energy efficient, but can also increase your NOI. 

Property Management Hacks

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