5 Benefits To A RUBS Utility Billing System


If you’re considering implementing a rubs billing system, it’s time to explore the benefits! There are a variety of positive changes that come from using ratio utility billing including quick implementation, conseriving utilities, limited fluctuation, and an increased property value, and NOI. The list goes on, and on for reasons to consider making the switch. Not using rubs utility billing can drain owner’s expenses, and can result in unnecessary usages. By taking full advantage of this process, owner’s can gain back costs through a better allocation of utilities.

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1 – Quick Implementation

The first, and one of the main benefits of RUBS billing is that the implementation is quick, and simple. Within a short amount of time, properties can rapidly start seeing the positive effects. This is not a lengthy process, and it can be successfully accomplished speedily. A quick implentation leads to better, and smoothly trackable results. The ability to get more real-time information back, allows properties to have clearer conclusions.

2 – Conserves Utilities

One of the main benefits of using a ratio utility billing system is that it makes residents aware of the utilities that they’re consuming. This individual awareness has a huge impact on the level of utility usage. It also encourages residents to more quickly report maintenance requests. By conserving utilities this way, you’re going to be able to substantially save. Rubs utility pay lowers the monthly bill of residents, while also decreasing owners overall expenses. With quicker reporting, you’ll be able to stop problems before they turn into a long-term issue. It is a win-win as residents gain more control of their utility usage, and the property experiences overall conservation.

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3 – Protects Against Fluctuation

Fortifying your property against fluctuating utility costs is a must-have. With resident utility billing, owners are less surprised by unbudgeted costs. This type of regular reassurance is crucial, and allows a property to have less of a range of expenses. Since residents will be more aware of their continued consumption, they will strive to stay within that same range. Putting these costs in the hands of the resident limits uncontrolled consumption. It can also help in turning off unneeded equipment, and making small, but important changes. With more protection against flucuation, owners can rely on consistent expenses.

4 – Raises Property Value

RUBS utility billing ultimately helps properties to have greater control of their property value. Through more consistent conservation, real-time reporting, and smaller expenses, a property goes up in value. Not to mention, rubs utility pay lowers the cost of facility management. Since this process is monitored on an individual scale, it allows for a quicker discovery of areas that may not be functioning correctly. This leads to problems be solved quicker, and buildings being better taken care of. All of this directly correlates with the property value.

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5 – Increases NOI (Net Operating Income)

All of this comes together to increase an owners’ NOI (net operating income). As owners’ strive to lower their expenses, and increase their income, this is the perfect step in that direction. It is truly a no-brainer to start implementing a rubs utility billing system. The positive effects can greatly transform a property, and allow for substantial growth to occur. In the end, it also reflects highly of the property, as it encourages a more green-approach. Many modern day renters are looking for a property that truly cares about their environment. Most of these constructive changes are achieved through simple means. There are truly so many benefits from using a rubs utility billing system, as this process joins together the responsibility of utilities for properties, and residents.

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What is RUBS?

RUBS stands for ratio utility billing system and is an equitable way to divide utility payments among tenants.

What are the benefits of RUBS?

The benefits of RUBS include quick implementation, utility conservation, and an increased NOI.

How does RUBS conserve utilities?

RUBS allows teants to become more aware of their utility usage which encourages them to conserve more on a regular basis.

Does RUBS increase your NOI?

Yes. Since RUBS conserves utilities it can directly increase your NOI and your property value.