Detailed Reports

Utility Billing West’s comprehensive billing management reports provide a quick and informative view of the utility billing activity for an individual property or many different properties. Detailed billing, summary reports and property-portfolio breakdowns are delivered in real-time.

All reports are available through the web and can be grouped by property, region and portfolio. Some of the reports are:

Pre-Billing report
• We supply your site managers with a billing summary for their review prior to mailing the invoices. Each prebill contains trending expense, billed amounts and trending costs per unit structure. This provides your site team a better view of their billing outline.

Billing report
• Detailed reports unique to each sites specific requirements.

Summary report
• Monthly reports showing each sites billing status.

Regional Cost Comparison
• Utility Billing West has led the industry in regional comparison reporting. This report will provide information on your community and other communities in your region. This will allow you to see where you are in relation with other communities anonymously. With this report we are helping the industry as a whole create a more uniform billing in any metro.

Resident Billing History report
• By using the billing history reports you are able to forecast your sites future expenses and billed totals. This will help to calculate your budgeted totals and create more fair utility billing for your whole community.

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