RUBS Billing

RUBS stands for Ratio Utility Billing System.  It is an alternative to master and submetering utility billing.  Like submetering, RUBS will make your property more energy efficient and will save both property owners and residents money.  Unlike submetering, a RUBS program does not require any additional equipment or metering services.  RUBS is equitable in the way it divides responsibility for utility payment.  The larger the apartment or the more people living in the unit, the larger the utility bill will be for that apartment.

Typically, a RUBS-generated utility bill is based on:

  • Number of occupants per apartment
  • Separate metering of landscaping or other common area services
  • Square footage of the apartment
  • A combination of number of occupants and square footage
  • Flat fee billing system
  • Utility Billing West can assist you in creating logical formulas for dividing up the property bill in a way that is fair and meets legal requirements.
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